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Wax Melt Clamshell Sampler Pack (Free Shipping)

Wax Melt Clamshell Sampler Pack (Free Shipping)

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Not sure which clamshell is the right fit for your line? Grab a sampler pack with some of our unique options to get a hands-on look. Shipping is included.
Included in this sampler are 2 pieces of:
2.4 oz 6 Cavity - GC-WM0011
5 oz 6 Cavity - GC-WM0131
Black 5 Cavity Candy Snap - GC-WM0242
White 10 Cavity Candy Snap - GC-WM0233
1 oz Cube - GC-WM0161
1 oz Hourglass - GC-WM0031

*The contents of the sampler pack will change over time. This listing will be updated to accurately reflect the offerings in the current sampler

Recommended Pour Temp: 140°F - 160°F (Max Temp 170°F)
**If pouring at high temps over 150°F, please test on a single clamshell first to ensure the plastic does not deform.
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