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Candy Bar Snaps

Candy Bar Snaps

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Candy bar style snap bar clamshells are here in two different cavity types and 3 different colors! 
Case Pack: 250 pcs (250 lids + 250 Trays) 

Colors: Black 5 cavity (GC-WM0242L+T), black 10 cavity (GC-WM0232L+T), white 5 cavity (GC-WM0243L+T), white 10 cavity (GC-WM0233L+T), clear 5 cavity (GC-WM0241L+T), clear 10 cavity (GC-WM0231L+T)
Volume: 2oz
SIZE: 5.75" X 2.5" X 0.625" (closed size)
UNIT PRICE: BLACK/WHITE - $0.29 ea   CLEAR - $0.21


***Volume Discounts***
Order 4-9 cases and receive 10% off your order (Discount Code: Mix10)
Order 10+ cases and receive 20% off your order (Discount code: Mix20)


Recommended Pour Temp: 140°F - 160°F (Max Temp 170°F)
**If pouring at high temps over 150°F, please test on a single clamshell first to ensure the plastic does not deform.


For quantities over 10 cases or under 1 case - Call 443-928-8465

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