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Blue Advent Calendar (Box and Tray)

Blue Advent Calendar (Box and Tray)

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Give your customers something different each day as they count down to the holiday! The box features white and gold art, easy to open perforated doors on the front of the box, and perforated holes on the back to aid in wax removal. The tray has 24 cavities each with a volume of 1 oz.

SKU: GC-Advent-Wreath
Case Pack: 50 Sets (50 boxes + 50 trays)
Unit Price: $1.25 ea (box) + $1.00 ea (tray)
Size: 11.25"x7.75"x1" (closed size)
Tray Material: 0.024" PET
Cavities: 24 (1 oz ea)


Recommended Pour Temp: 140°F - 160°F (Max Temp 170°F)
**If pouring at high temps over 150°F, please test on a single clamshell first to ensure the plastic does not deform.


For quantities over 10 cases or under 1 case - Call 443-928-8465

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