We Ship Everywhere!

Are you trying to place an order for wax melt clamshells or other packaging and finding that the website won't ship to you?

I'm here to help you out! Our website is not currently configured to calculate shipping automatically to all regions. That doesn't mean we can't ship to you. It just means that we have to get you a custom shipping quote based on your location and items in your order. To do so, email brad@cindarn.com with your shipping information and the items you would like to order. You will receive a response within one business day.

We have shipped our wax melt clamshells, tarts, dust covers, candle lids, bath bomb clamshells, and more all over the world. We look forward to working with your candle, wax melt, and/or home goods business no matter where you may be located.

-Brad Wasserman