The Unique Features of Our Candle Tins

The quality of the vessels you use is important as it will directly impact the experience of your customers. Our candle tins are designed with a few unique features that make them easy to work with and ensure a top-notch user experience.

Wick Placement Indents: Ensuring Precision Placement

Centering the wick in your candle is a vital step as it ensures the candle burns evenly and uses the wax efficiently. Our candle tins feature a circular indentation on the bottom that makes it quick and easy to consistently place your wicks.

Raised Feet: Protection for Surfaces

Our tins come equipped with raised feet on the bottom. These feet create a buffer between the tin and the surface beneath, effectively minimizing heat transfer and preventing any potential damage. This allows your customers to enjoy your candles without fear of heat damage to their table or countertops.

Rust-Proof Coating: Durability That Lasts

The last thing you want is for your beautiful candle tins to succumb to the effects of rust, tarnishing its appearance and compromising its structural integrity. With our rust-proof coating, you can rest assured that your candle tins will maintain their pristine condition, even after repeated uses and exposure to moisture.